Ajulam Foundation is an independent private Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) committed to improving the quality of life for disadvantaged Nigerians. We focus primarily on improving the health and education of disadvantaged Nigerians.


There are a number of important organizations that are actively supporting the Foundation’s aims. However, we seek collaborative relationships with key groups such as: 

The Foundation is aware of the fact that its interventions are primarily the responsibility of the government. However, the Foundation will not operate in a manner that conveys the impression that these interventions will absolve the government of its responsibility. Therefore, the Foundation seeks the support of governments at all levels as well as government agencies. The Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State has been one of our partners.

We will identify and where necessary, partner with foundations that work in similar intervention areas. The Foundation will also get in the national and international philanthropic sector by joining platforms and networks that are committed to advancing philanthropy. Suncel Health Foundation is one of our partners in this regard.

The Foundation seeks collaboration with private sector institutions that use business solutions to solve social problems. For example, collaborations will be forged with organizations with corporate social responsibility initiatives across the country. 

As a team, we believe that all it takes is a willing heart to serve, and be used by God, so we have all made a decision to contribute our own little quota to ensure a better life for all Nigerians. 

Biogbolo, Yenagoa,

Bayelsa State.


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